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sand razor

Hello Doug and others who has responded,
There is no sluggishness or freezing.
The program comes up as usual and asks for the pass word etc. Once log in is accomplished, the skype window is quickly available.
At that point, nothing works. Skypes acts just as I have described it.
I have left Skype open for 2 or 3 hours and sometimes longer, but Skype just sits there totally unusable.
I have restarted the computer, but this had no effect.
I've thought of re-installing Skype and setting up another account to see if this would solve the problem.
Question though, would I have to re-install the scripts as well?
Also, Can someone provide a link for a clean download of Skype?

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The only thing I've seen that sounds similar to what you two describe is this:

Now and then, when I start Skype, it will for a while seem like an empty interface. If I probe at it too much, it may even freeze JAWS for a while. This happens while Skype is collecting its data, syncing, etc., I think.
Since I have a fairly large contact list, there can be some considerable activity for Skype to complete for this. When it's done though, I get the normal interface, Tab works, etc.

If Skype starts when you start your computer, chances are that Windows itself, and maybe a number of other apps, simultaneously do this sort of massive update routine. Put together, that can cause quite a period of sluggish
computer behavior.

I'm not sure if this is what you two are seeing, but if it goes away by itself after a while, I'd say it's likely. "A while," though, may be a minute or a bit more sometimes. Usually, on my current laptop, I don't see
anything that long.

Btw, I also see this sort of sluggishness in other Electron-based apps besides Skype 8, notably Microsoft Teams and Slack. Again though, I don't see it all the time; just now and then, usually after I have left the app
unattended for a while.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 08:30:35PM +0200, Hamid wrote:
it happened to me a few times and i resolved it by killing skype from
the task manager then i restart skype again and usually after one or 2
trials it works.

On 4/10/2020 3:02 PM, sand razor wrote:

Hello, I have skype 8.5, and using latest win 10 with jaws 2020.

I have not used skype for a long time and when I opened it, I am no
longer able to navigate the program.

When I check the name of the program, it just says skype home.

When I do a say line, it says file button menu

If I press alt plus F, it says context menu. The highlighted option is
quit - control plus q

This is the only option available.

Pressing the alt key does nothing.

The tab button and arrow keys have no functionality.

I installed the scripts, but still have same negative issue.

I re-installed the scripts, which removed the pre-existing scripts, but
still I can’t navigate within skype.

thanks for any productive assistance.

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