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This description sounds extensively similar to what I've experienced for however long after rebooting, nice explanation.

I've never timed it, so I truly haven't any ideas to how much time this takes, but somewhere around a minute or so sounds reasonable.

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The only thing I've seen that sounds similar to what you two describe is this:

Now and then, when I start Skype, it will for a while seem like an empty interface. If I probe at it too much, it may even freeze JAWS for a while. This happens while Skype is collecting its data, syncing, etc., I think.
Since I have a fairly large contact list, there can be some considerable activity for Skype to complete for this. When it's done though, I get the normal interface, Tab works, etc.

If Skype starts when you start your computer, chances are that Windows itself, and maybe a number of other apps, simultaneously do this sort of massive update routine. Put together, that can cause quite a period of sluggish computer behavior.

I'm not sure if this is what you two are seeing, but if it goes away by itself after a while, I'd say it's likely. "A while," though, may be a minute or a bit more sometimes. Usually, on my current laptop, I don't see anything that long.

Btw, I also see this sort of sluggishness in other Electron-based apps besides Skype 8, notably Microsoft Teams and Slack. Again though, I don't see it all the time; just now and then, usually after I have left the app unattended for a while.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 08:30:35PM +0200, Hamid wrote:
it happened to me a few times and i resolved it by killing skype from
the task manager then i restart skype again and usually after one or 2
trials it works.

On 4/10/2020 3:02 PM, sand razor wrote:

Hello, I have skype 8.5, and using latest win 10 with jaws 2020.

I have not used skype for a long time and when I opened it, I am no
longer able to navigate the program.

When I check the name of the program, it just says skype home.

When I do a say line, it says file button menu

If I press alt plus F, it says context menu. The highlighted option is
quit - control plus q

This is the only option available.

Pressing the alt key does nothing.

The tab button and arrow keys have no functionality.

I installed the scripts, but still have same negative issue.

I re-installed the scripts, which removed the pre-existing scripts, but
still I can’t navigate within skype.

thanks for any productive assistance.

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