Re: strange happening on skype

Sarah k Alawami

Can yuuou just hav eit to where you must be in the contacts to call? I would do this.

Take care

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On 8 Apr 2020, at 6:02, ken lawrence via wrote:

Hi list ken here.  For the third time in a row after signing into our radio station skype in rapid fire succession there has been a whole big bunch of missed called from the same number.  Last Wednesday there were 13 of them all at once, then Sunday there were I think 9 and today five all rapid fire.  We have a landline number that works with skype it’s as if an autodialer is trying trying and trying to call us and each time it hits a nonworking number it tries again. And when I or someone else logs in bang whole big block of missed calls.  It’s obviously telemarketers.  Blocking does no good because likely the number being used is a spoof of a nonworking number. Is there any way to stop this crap?  I have gotten telemarketers as requests. 


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