Re: Skype issues that I see, response to several messages on this list today

LĂ©onie Watson

On 04/04/2020 22:09, Doug Lee wrote:
Let me address some claims I've seen, today on this list and elsewhere over time, about Skype for Windows, and some of my own claims besides:
Claim 1: Skype online status is sometimes wrong.
True. In the past few weeks, I've seen a Skype status of "Last seen days ago" for contacts I saw less than six days earlier. To my initial alarm, that message has for some time been widely recognized as meaning that you are
blocked by the contact. I find this no longer to be the case; I've seen friends and professional colleagues alike display as "Last seen days ago" without having blocked me.
I can confirm this. I have a colleague who I message every day, and whose status frequently says he hasn't been seen for days even when we're in the middle of a chat. He uses a Mac, but whether that's relevant or not I don't know.


Claim 3: "File sent" no longer speaks after a file transfer.
Not sure about this one. I do know that "File sent" finally stopped speaking after the sending of a chat message, but I don't send files much. I also know that both of those messages are not likely to speak if you split your
chat windows out from the main Skype window, because of the way the Skype notifications work.
When I choose a file for sending Jaws says "1 file selected", when I hit enter to send it, Jaws says "File sent". I send a lot of files using Skype and this is consistent behaviour. I don't use split windows.

Claim 5: Focus sticks to the "1 star" button after a Skype-to-phone call.
Uncertain but reliably reported. If anyone else has seen this one, please let me know. I have not seen this one on my machine, and I make a fair number of Skype-to-phone calls; but I may have just jumped past it too fast.
I do too, but I usually dismiss the request for ratings. I'll pay more attention next time and post here if I find out anything useful.
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