Re: Skype issues that I see, response to several messages on this list today

Octavian Rasnita

Even worse then those things is that the hotkey Control+Insert+Y to move to the list of chat messages is not working anymore, sometimes after opening Skype nothing happends when pressing Shift+Tab or Tab for moving there, and this for several minutes, also sometimes Skype appears as locked for several minutes when pressing Alt+1, so if somebody sends me a message, I am not able to read that message immediately until Skype starts working well.
This happends when using latest Skype with your scripts under Windows 7. Under Windows 10 there are many more other bad things that appear in many other applications, so passing to Windows 10 is not a solution.
You tested more text and voice chatting apps. Do you know if there is one that's better accessible for the blind and easier to use than Skype?


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Let me address some claims I've seen, today on this list and elsewhere over time, about Skype for Windows, and some of my own claims besides:

Claim 1: Skype online status is sometimes wrong.

True. In the past few weeks, I've seen a Skype status of "Last seen days ago" for contacts I saw less than six days earlier. To my initial alarm, that message has for some time been widely recognized as meaning that you are
blocked by the contact. I find this no longer to be the case; I've seen friends and professional colleagues alike display as "Last seen days ago" without having blocked me.

Claim 2: Skype mood text can be wrong.

True. For quite a while and through several Skype 8 versions, I've seen the mood text for one contact stay active while I switched through chats with several other contacts, until I happen to open a chat with another contact
who actually has a mood text. In short, the mood text does not clear until it is changed to a new message. I have repeatedly reported this bug to Microsoft but have not seen any sign of it being addressed.

Claim 3: "File sent" no longer speaks after a file transfer.

Not sure about this one. I do know that "File sent" finally stopped speaking after the sending of a chat message, but I don't send files much. I also know that both of those messages are not likely to speak if you split your
chat windows out from the main Skype window, because of the way the Skype notifications work.

Claim 4: Skype UWP for Windows 10 is going away.

Mixed. Reliable indications exist that Skype UWP will become like, or become equal to, Skype for Windows Desktop in some way. I don't know if the Store app is going away entirely; but since it comes with Windows 10 now, I
doubt it. Those on the Windows Insider program, which I am not, can probably say more about this one.

Claim 5: Focus sticks to the "1 star" button after a Skype-to-phone call.

Uncertain but reliably reported. If anyone else has seen this one, please let me know. I have not seen this one on my machine, and I make a fair number of Skype-to-phone calls; but I may have just jumped past it too fast.

I hope this message helps clear up a few uncertainties for people.

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