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ken lawrence

                I just took a look at mine skype and noticed something. I see several that say only mood message it’s not saying whether they are online, or offline or away.  Going to look at active contacts filtering it that way.  Am still learning the nuts and bolts of the new skype.  I didn’t realize it was even active all the time until dan buzzed me about the radio station.  I hear skype ringing and wondered why CTRO P wasn’t working.  I had to go to action center and open it up and call him back.  Working on it.  I hope NVDA gets an add on for skype that works with the new version of NVDA when I sign into the radio station account or sign back into mine after a show I can’t get NVDA out of focus mode.  Not even tabbing away from the signin form seems to work. 


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From: Gary Jackson
Sent: Saturday, April 4, 2020 3:05 PM
To: Gary Jackson
Subject: [skypeenglish] contact status


Hey all,



It seems like lately skype is incorrectly showing  my contact's status.

I'm seeing mine sometimes as being offline when they are in fact right

there. Also, some have told me that mine shows me offline when I am

certainly here. Is anybody else seeing this?









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