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ken lawrence

Yeah didn’t think so. There isn’t enough band width. It would probably really be difficult. That’s probably why they don’t want it. It’s probably not that practical anyway because nobody really would have use for it. 


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Skype can handle stereo as they are using ipus. But no this cannot be done. They do not want to have stereo audio. You can do things on the regular server but maybe just let people know it's a test.

Good luck.

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Hi folks ken here with an interesting puzzle.  Our radio station has several prospective DJs, but right now we don’t have a testing server to use for training or for any tweaking we DJ might have to do on our end.  Someone suggested if we can’t get a test server that maybe we could use skype.  While someone might hear the music or any talking a DJ might do they wouldn’t be actually hearing what it really would sound like on the air.  So the question is this.  Is there a way that someone listening to a prospective DJ could actually hear in stereo and all what that DJ is actually putting out using skype.  In case they need to maybe tweak settings.  I personally doubt it can be done because I don’t think skype has enough band width to handle stereo for example. 


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