Skype UWP discontinued?

Doug Lee

I was just informed by a coworker of the following post:

Microsoft replace Skype UWP app with Desktop Electron version:

Note that this is an MSInsider post, not a formal Microsoft announcement. Still, I regard it as both a public post and an indication of what is coming, all therein-contained opinions about the wisdom of this change aside.

This move does not surprise me, and that is one reason that I, though I made several partial efforts, never fully completed an up-to-date set of JAWS scripts for Skype UWP.

My JAWS scripts for Skype for Windows Desktop remain current and work with Skype 8.57, the current Skype for Windows Desktop release. I expect I will make them work with Skype 8.58 if necessary when that comes out to the public.

If the above announcement actually means that the Store Skype UWP version will become identical to the Skype for Windows Desktop version we now use, I also expect I'll try to make my scripts work for the Store app just as
they do for the Desktop app.

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