locked #admin sbcglobal.net blocking us #admin #update

Sarah k Alawami

From the groups.io owner. If you have an address with this domain know that this is being looked into. Thanks.

Sarah Alawami, owner of TFFP. . For more info go to our website. This is also our libsyn page as well.

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Forwarded message:

From: Mark Fletcher markf@corp.groups.io
To: beta@groups.io
Subject: [beta] sbcglobal.net blocking us #update
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 10:33:21 -0800

Hi All,

Since yesterday mid-day, sbcglobal.net has been blocking us. I have attempted to contact them, but no response so far. If you are an sbcglobal.net user, I ask that you contact them as well.



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