Re: Jaws losing focus with Skype for Business 2015 running

Sarah k Alawami

I'm thinking that. Is there a timeline where your company will upgrade to windows 10?

Take care

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On 30 Jan 2020, at 3:25, Jerry Pryde wrote:

Windows 8.1 Pro.  Is that an old version of windows, if memory serves?

Could that be part of the problem?

On 2020-01-30 1:28 a.m., Doug Lee wrote:

Wow, didn't know any SFB version that old was still in use out there.

I may vaguely recall that focus issue, but I believe that was fixed within SFB itself. I did not try to script around that one as far as I remember.

I'm somewhat surprised that the SFB 2015 scripts won't install into JAWS 2020, but the code could require an update. If you like, I can generate an updated beta; though I have no way to test it here. I'm just not expecting an
update to help with the focus problem you are reporting, annoying though I'm sure that issue is for you.

You might see if a Do Not Disturb status will prevent that issue, assuming your management doesn't mind you staying in that status and assuming it doesn't make you miss things you need to see. You could also try putting SFB
on another virtual desktop if your Windows version allows that, but I have never tried that one myself to know if it would help.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 04:46:09AM +0000, Francois Jacobs via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi there


I'm new to this list, have no idea to do an archive list and can only
hope this question hasnât been addressed before.


I am required to be logged into an open team chat the whole work day as
this is how our team members post questions and announcements.

Every time a team member posts a message to the open chat my screen
reader seems to focus on the message, i.e. away from what Iâm currently
doing. It drives me crazy and is very unproductive as you can

The quickest way I have found to restore focus to my current
application is by pressing the alt key twice, but surely thereâs a

I have checked Skype settings, specifically checking that Always on Top
wasnât checked and it doesnât make a difference.


I googled and found Doug Leeâs scripts for SFB and downloaded the
version for SFB prior to SFB2016, hoping that might solve it.

Unfortunately I suspect theyâre not compatible with Jaws 2020, because
in the installer the list is blank under the text that reads:

âThe following compatible versions of JAWS have been found on your
system. All versions

are currently selected for installation. Use Space to alter
selections if necessary, then press

Install to proceed.â

I then activate Install anyway but the installer just closes.


The system configuration weâre using at work is determined at a
corporate level, so I have no control over that. Iâm using:

Windows 8.1 pro

Skype for Business version 2015

JAWS Version 2020.1912.11.400


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Francois Jacobs


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