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Doug Lee

A few clarifications:

Which Skype version and version number? Skype Desktop and Skype UWP are the versions, and Desktop versions start with 8 whereas UWP versions start with 14.

If you're using JAWS, what is the script revision number spoken when you type Insert+q in the Skype window?

Do you mean the clicking typing sound, or the "Message sent" announcements when you send a message, or something else?

Answers for various cases:

In Skype Desktop, the typing clicks should work in both regular and split views, but "Message sent" etc. do not speak in split view because of how that announcement is implemented by Skype itself. If your JAWS scripts are too
old, typing sounds might not work in split view.

In Skype UWP, typing sounds are not working at this time due to major changes in the display since I wrote the scripts; and "Message sent" etc. are not supported by Skype itself as far as I know.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 03:41:56PM -0500, Jerry Pryde wrote:
Hi all.

Does anybody know why the chat sounder doesn't sound when Skype's in split


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