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Doug Lee

I have mixed reports on how long it takes for Skype 8, various versions, to switch to a new conversation. The longest I've heard is over 30 seconds, but my experience is more like five now. I mention that in case this is
related to some of the issues you are having.

From your description, I can't tell if you're having Skype problems or script problems. First thing to do would be to type Insert+q from within Skype with the scripts running, to see what revision number you get. If you don't
get a revision number, the scripts are not loading.

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 08:19:54AM +0000, Stephen Troy wrote:
morning doug and all

I've installed the latest script update and, sadly, not much in skype
seems to be working.

alt 1 doesn't take me anywhere.
when I press alt and any numeric jaws just announces the keys i'm
pressing and nothing happens.
i'm unable to come out of an open chat without closing skype completely.
jaws stops speaking after about two tabs.

I've tried screen refresh and quitting and reopening jaws but no change.

i'm running 8.55, script version 137, jaws 2020 and the latest win10 build.



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