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Doug Lee

You are correct; this is a Skype 8.55 change. I was halfway through scripting to account for it when other things happened here and I had to put the project down for a bit. The first message in this thread is the reason I am
aware of this issue, because I didn't happen to chat much in Skype after upgrading to 8.55 myself.

Expect a script release soon, for this and a few other things.

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 12:31:40AM +0100, Michele Barbi wrote:
Update: I just had a chat on Skype with a friend of mine and figured out that
typing indicators no longer work for me as well. If you hear typing
announcement, you probably have split view disabled. I am afraid Skype 8.55
effectively changed something and broke typing indicators functionality.



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