Re: Installing and running Skype Desktop Version 8.54

Doug Lee

If Sarah's suggestion doesn't help, type Ctrl+JAWSKey+v in the Skype window and tell me what app name and version number come back.

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 05:37:14PM -0800, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Stephen. I downloaded Skype, but I think it is the wrong version, not Skype 8 for desktop (electron). This is because I am running JAWS 2020, and Doug Lee says that when I press INSERT plus Q, I should get a script revision number if Skype is in focus and the Skype scripts are installed correctly. Where can I download the correct (electron) version of Skype?

Thank you.

Bill White

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hi bill

I don't think there's anything specific but you will find all you need
to know at the below website.

On 17/11/2019, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi. I have been away from the Skype platform for a number of years. I am
going to be installing Skype Desktop Version 8.54 on my PC. Are there any
settings and options of which I should take special note when installing
running Skype Desktop Version 8.54?

Thank you in advance.

Bill White

Doug Lee
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