Re: skype refusing to load

Gary Jackson <gljackson@...>

Hello Sarah,

Yeah, tried all those things and more. Time to trade this one in and start fromscratch. That was in the plans already. Thanks.


On 11/5/19 8:24 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Have you also tried restarting the computer as well? Also have you checked to see if the process is hung?

Take care

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On 5 Nov 2019, at 15:54, Gary Jackson wrote:

Hello all,

Starting yesterday skype, version 8.53, stops after logging in and continuously says loading... but never does. The menus aren't available. Checking the script version gives Doug Lee's scripts revision 129 just as if it was loaded.  I've completely uninstalled it, went to, downloaded the latest version, 8.54, installed it and get the same thing. any ideas?


Gary/ Armadillo

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