Split view looks official now

Doug Lee

When I launched Skype this morning, I heard that I had one notification. I dutifully wandered off to the Notifications tab and found a notification that said "Introducing Split View Mode," or similar. I take this to
mean that split-view mode is officially present and supported now.

I briefly tested my latest Skype 8 scripts (revision 129) against this, and found things working normally. The messages like "Message sent" may still not speak though, because there is no list of accessibility messages in
individual chat windows like there is in the main Skype window.

While I'm at it... In case I only said this on Twitter and not on this list: If you marvel that I just said my latest scripts are revision 129 while my website clearly boasts revision 130, never fear; they are the same thing. I
neglected to update the revision number in my final release, but the script code is correct.

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