Re: Skype 8 scripts updated, with new way to load themin old JAWS versions

inamuddin khan

Respected friend, it seams that you have pre-August update of JAWS 2019.

If so, then you will have to install Script load manager (slman)

For that, please visit:

Download Script load manager from that page and install it!


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From: Michele Barbi
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019 11:56 AM
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] A Very Important Question Regarding JAWS ScriptFor Skype Electron


Well I sincerely don't understand whats happening there, as I said I am using Skype and scripts 121 are working fine on my hand. Don't know if it makes any difference,


From: Stephen Troy
Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:00 PM
To:; Doug Lee
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Skype 8 scripts updated, with new way to load themin old JAWS versions


hi doug


running latest versions of jaws and win10, I've just downloaded

revision 128 but when I press insert q i'm still being told "google

chrome settings are loaded".









On 23/08/2019, Doug Lee <dgl@...> wrote:

> I have released an update to the Skype 8 scripts to make JAWS name the

> split-view chat windows including online status and/or mood text, as is

> already done for conversations displayed inside the main window. These are

> at

> as usual.

> If you are running the August JAWS 2019 update, you will only need the above

> scripts for Skype 8.51 support. If you are running any other JAWS version

> supported, 17.0 through pre-August JAWS 2019 versions, read on.

> For various reasons, I have split out the system for loading Skype 8 scripts

> in older JAWS versions into a new and separate set of scripts, which I am

> calling Script Load Manager, or SLMan. These are at


> If you want further information on this system and why I created it, listen

> to my audio explanation, which is about five minutes long, at


> The basic process to run, for anyone upgrading Skype scripts, is this:

> 1. Install the updated Skype scripts, which will first uninstall your

> current Skype scripts as usual.

> 2. Install the Script Load Manager.

> That combination should make the Skype scripts load properly into any JAWS

> version 17.0 through current 2019. This finally even includes making

> JAWSKey+v load the Quick Settings for Skype rather than loading the Quick

> Settings

> for Chrome.

> Warnings:

> The Script Load Manager is a pretty new idea, though I built it on ideas I

> had already been using for Skype and other apps. As was already true for the

> Skype 8 scripts, there remains the possibility that the Script Load Manager

> will cause side effects in other environments. In particular, any website or

> web application that uses a URL like file:///Index.html or about:blank for

> the focused page may cause odd behavior, especially in a non-Chrome

> browser. I would appreciate notification of any such occasions found by

> users out there, as I don't know a quick way to test all cases here.

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