Skype 8 scripts updated, with new way to load them in old JAWS versions

Doug Lee

I have released an update to the Skype 8 scripts to make JAWS name the split-view chat windows including online status and/or mood text, as is already done for conversations displayed inside the main window. These are at as usual.

If you are running the August JAWS 2019 update, you will only need the above scripts for Skype 8.51 support. If you are running any other JAWS version supported, 17.0 through pre-August JAWS 2019 versions, read on.

For various reasons, I have split out the system for loading Skype 8 scripts in older JAWS versions into a new and separate set of scripts, which I am calling Script Load Manager, or SLMan. These are at

If you want further information on this system and why I created it, listen to my audio explanation, which is about five minutes long, at

The basic process to run, for anyone upgrading Skype scripts, is this:

1. Install the updated Skype scripts, which will first uninstall your current Skype scripts as usual.

2. Install the Script Load Manager.

That combination should make the Skype scripts load properly into any JAWS version 17.0 through current 2019. This finally even includes making JAWSKey+v load the Quick Settings for Skype rather than loading the Quick Settings
for Chrome.


The Script Load Manager is a pretty new idea, though I built it on ideas I had already been using for Skype and other apps. As was already true for the Skype 8 scripts, there remains the possibility that the Script Load Manager
will cause side effects in other environments. In particular, any website or web application that uses a URL like file:///Index.html or about:blank for the focused page may cause odd behavior, especially in a non-Chrome
browser. I would appreciate notification of any such occasions found by users out there, as I don't know a quick way to test all cases here.

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