Re: Contact notifications

Andre Polykanine

Hi Larry,
Please try to press Alt+1 to get to the conversations list, then arrow
down until you find the conversation with her. Then press Enter on it,
you'll be placed into the chat window. Tab around and find the Accept
button. That should be it.

With best regards from Ukraine,
Skype: menelion_elensule
Twitter (English only): @AndrePolykanine

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From: Larry Gassman <>
Date created: , 3:50:02 PM
Subject: [skypeenglish] Contact notifications

Hi all,
I received a notification for someone we will interview for a future FSCast.
When I opened skype it said: you have one notification but that
quickly changed to none.
I do not see her request to be added to my skype contacts.
She found me through my e-mail address.
How do I finder and approve her request?
Thank you.
Larry Gassman

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