Workaround for JAWS 2019 pre August update and Skype 8.51

Doug Lee

I finally got Skype 8.51 onto my laptop, which allowed me to work out the following trick for using my scripts without installing the JAWS 2019 August update. Note that because the scripts do not load, or at least do not
reliably load under the scenario being worked around, this problem cannot reasonably be resolved via modifications to the scripts themselves.

If you use Skype 8.51 and my latest Skype scripts are installed but do not load (i.e., Insert+Q inside Skype says Chrome rather than Skype settings are loaded):

Edit the ConfigNames.ini file in the JAWS user folder (not the shared folder). One way to open this folder is to launch Explore My Settings for JAWS 2019. Pressing Enter on ConfigNames.ini from there should open the file in

If there is no line saying [Domains], add one.

Below the [Domains] line, add this:


Save the file and restart JAWS.

Warning: Doing this may adversely impact the operation of other Electron-based apps you may use. You can always remove the addition(s) and restart JAWS again to retrace your steps.

Also, it should go without saying (though I'm saying it anyway) that mis-editing this file could cause other things to stop working as expected.

I am not certain that this workaround will work in all cases. It should not be required past the JAWS 2019 August update though.

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