A Very Important Question Regarding JAWS Script For Skype Electron

inamuddin khan

Respected Doug and others,

The matter of fact is that when I have updated to the latest version of Skype electron, my JAWS script for Skype electron revision 121 has stopped working at all.

I have contacted with Doug Lee in this regard and He demanded the file called (Confignames.ini) after submitting that file to Him, He said that He cannot do anything at all in this regard because it is the issue of loading the script.

Then I checked that script with JAWS 2018 and still not working.

Now I’d like to ask a very simple question,

If a person wishes to use the latest version of Skype electron which is Skype and if He/She cannot use the latest JAWS for any reason, does it mean that He should say to the script goodbye for ever?

I sincerely hope that my question will be answered swiftly.

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arguing with a woman is just like reading software’s lisence agreement.

At the end you ignore Her everything  and click I agree button.

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