Re: Split view in Skype 8 electron, did anyone testit?

John Gassman

I haven't been folowing this thread so maybe what I am about to post has been covered.
I don't know if the current August update to JAWS n August 13 would solve your problem or not.
Here is what the enhancement says:

Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1907.42 (August 2019)

This update to the August 2019 release addresses a recently discovered issue where JAWS application scripts failed to load in the latest Skype for Desktop update (version 8.51) released the week of August 12, 2019. There are other possible applications where this could have resulted in scripts not loading also such as the Desktop version of Slack.


JohnAt 07:04 AM 8/18/2019, you wrote:
I’m using the same version of JAWS which you have.
Until Skype it is working but in Skype it is not working.
It is saying google settings are loaded.
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From: <> on behalf of Michele Barbi <> Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2019 6:53:20 PM To: <> Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Split view in Skype 8 electron, did anyone testit?

Ok Inamuddin, which JAWS build are you running? I am stick with 2019.1906 at this time. Using Skype 8.51.72, scripts ok.



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