Re: Split view in Skype 8 electron, did anyone testit?

Léonie Watson <tink@...>

I don't think there are two preview versions, but there are two "More options" buttons: one is announced as "More options button", the other as "More options button menu". It's this last one that you want.

Testing split view mode briefly, I noticed the following things:

* When I hit enter to send a message, Jaws is no longer saying "Message sent".
* I hear the typing noise when someone else is typing, but Jaws does not announce new messages as they arrive.

I'm using the latest of Doug's Jaws scripts.


On 18/08/2019 10:51, Michele Barbi wrote:
Actually my version is 8.51.72, the scripts are working fine but I don't see split view. I am afraid there are two builds of 8.51 out there.
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