Re: Split view in Skype 8 electron, did anyone testit?

inamuddin khan

If anyone of you wants to use Skype 8.51, JAWS script for Skype electron will not work.

Whenever you press insirt+Q, it will say google chrome setting are loaded.

So if you want to use Skype with the script, do not try to update it as long as it will updates automatically.

If you are updated, then ask Doug Lee to update His script which was already notified to Him.

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From: Michele Barbi
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2019 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Split view in Skype 8 electron, did anyone testit?


Hello guys, thanks for your responses. I did not have the chance to test it yet even if I am now at home, I'll do it later today or in the next days.

Anyway, for those who still have problems in updating Skype to 8.51, a friend of mine sent me an installer which I don't know where he found, but I created a link on Firefox send in case someone needs it. Just a pair of notes before the link:

  1. you aren't forced to use Firefox to download this file, but you have to use a sufficiently updated browser. For example, according to my tests, Internet Explorer will not work with this server, even version 11;
  2. I configured both combo boxes at the highest value available, meaning 100 downloads or 7 days before the link expires.

Download link:




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