Re: renewing Skype subscription

Stephen Troy

there was, and probably still is, an option via a checkbox to confirm
that you want to auto renew the subscription or not. if you do not
check that box your subscription would simply expire on the date

On 26/07/2019, Brian K. Lingard <> wrote:
Dear Joseph & List:
Skype subscriptions normally auto renew at the end of their term.
If you have a Skype subscription for Calls to Canada/USA and do not renew,
say the credit card has expired and you have not updated it with Skype, you
will need Skype credit to phone landlines and mobile telephones. If you do
not phone telephones much, this may be economical. If you are a heavy user
of Skype to call phones, consider buying another subscription.
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of
Josephine Hirsch
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 8:12 PM
Subject: [skypeenglish] renewing Skype subscription


What will happen if you don't renew your Skype subscription? Because I have
my renewal for the Skype subscription that I have is done once a year and
not every three months within 30 days.

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