Re: Skype 8.x electron and message, "Skype cannot be used for emergency calling"

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Michelle & List:

I believe the message is hard coded for good reason.


Have not asked British subjects if Skype can be used to call 999 in the UK and Ulster or 112, 113 or 114, the numbers for Police, Fire or Ambulance in the rest of the world without influence from the UK, USA etc.


When setting up cell towers, there is an option to have them accept calls to 112 as well as 911. For several years, Siri knew 112 but not 911. My friend in NYC said no idea who 112 will connect you to. I said if the phone rings foreign style, tell whoever you have reached what you want, where and if they ask if you are in New York, Yorkshire, say no, the one with Kennedy International airport! Give them a minute to call your 911 or type the message on their TELEX and expect to hear the reassuring sound of responding sirens responding from 30-blocks away in a minute or two.

Cops give misdirected reports from other police officers priority response.

Not sure if European/Asian/Australian cell towers accept calls to 911.

Brian K. Lingard


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Hi guys,

someone recently asked me if there is a way to prevent screen readers from telling this message when opening Skype. I sincerely did not give importance to this, I think it only means we cannot use Skype for calling, say, 911 in the USA; am I wrong? And most of all, what can you answer to my friend asking the above question?



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