locked Jaws versus other solutions


Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping really well. Loosely, Freedom
scientific is by far the largest manufacturer of assistive technology
solutions for those who are blind or visually impaired. Moreover, it
is the primal developer and unique provider of the broadly recognised
screen reading solution, Jaws for Windows. I don’t think I need to
explain what Jaws is. It is known worldwide. Nonetheless, in the
recent years, Jaws has been coerced to enter a tallying rivalry.
Subsequent to the development and mass embracement of the concept of
free screen readers, the trait of merchandising Jaws globally has been
substantially lowered. Many people became more interested in free
screen readers solution. I certainly do not destine to promote
something in particular on that regard. Nonetheless, I’d aim to argue
for the affirmitive, as to the necessity to dispose of this immense
illusion, that Jaws is invincible. People have been manipulated to
incorrectly assume, that major computer tasks are undone properly
unless you use Jaws. This is a biased standpoint. I have shifted to
free screen readers and I am quite satisfied with their brilliant
outcome. I simply am carrying on all primal computer chores. At work
and home, I conveniently interact with various applications. The
question I have for Freedom Scientific affiliates, why would I spend
thousands of dollars on a license of a software that is now utterly
contested and possibly rather surmounted? Freedom Scientific regularly
releases consecutive versions, to somewhat compel the user to upgrade
frequently, so they could keep their profit margin on the rise. The
right to freely access information is unexclusive and it has to be
supremely prioritised. Moreover, purchasing Jaws is absolutely
unaffordable for many people, especially, those who permanently reside
in developing nations. The concept of open source screen readers is
intemperately advocated for from ethical perspective. Freedom
Scientific takes advantage of the Jaws stereotype, so they could sell
further licenses and extend their technological ascendancy per say, as
farther as they possibly could. Their marketing team convinces
colleges, that in order for their visually impaired students to
perform well, they must buy Jaws for them. Thence, Freedom Scientific
essentially relies on orders given by enormous organisations, as of
colleges, popular associations for the blind et cetera. However, if
they would have relied on the actual user, they may have ended up
losing a fortune. Also, the concept of open source screen readers is a
decent alternative to get rid of the moral crisis of tolerating
software piracy. I unfortunately used to be one of those who copied
and used Jaws illicitly. I reposed my conscience for quite awhile.
Now, I determined to stop doing that. I was one of those who were
quite cozened about Jaws and its unvanquishable stance. I urge Freedom
Scientific staff to sternly redress their current situation. Despite
its popularity, Jaws is factually now clobbered with unrestricted
alternatives. People at Freedom Scientific must recognise this reality
and deal with it. Many people including myself, do not have the motive
to buy Jaws, as long as its free counterpart is constantly available.
It makes everything beautifully accessible, just like Jaws and
possibly even better. So, the logical question here is, why would I
buy Jaws, even in the theoretical instance of affording it, if I could
equally cope with demands executing plenty of free alternatives? This
question is gravely valid. I keenly await responses from Freedom
Scientific staff to argue their case and attempt to sustain their
proposition, that Jaws is practically unparalleled. I must mention
here, that I have been using Jaws for nearly fifteen years. I didn’t
catch any major difference when I switched to the unrestricted
substitute. Lastly, I truly thank each and everyone who has read my
message with sincere interest. I ultimately must assure all
recipients, that I didn’t covet to provoke or offend anyone with what
I said. It’s of individual preference to use whatever you’re
comfortable with. I just destined to state my opinion plainly. Thank
you for reading, cordially, Mustafa from Cairo Egypt.

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