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ken lawrence

I noticed this morning with signing in on my account that didn’t come up but when I signed out to go onto the radio station account it came up that time then at the end of my show when I signed out of the radio station skype I went back into mine here it came again.  Didn’t see that tips and tricks didn’t come up but really don’t see the need for testing audio and or video and I don’t have a webcam hooked up anyway.  I do frequently demonstrate that the skype works by dialing the landline number connected to it for requests. So I know my audio works fine. 


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Even when you sign out and sign back in with the same account, Skype

prompts you to test your audio and video.


Is there a way to turn that off permanently?


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On 7/10/19, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:

> Yeah. When you sign into a different account it forgets the settings of

> the other, there is no way around this as I have the same  trouble with

> mac os version of skype.

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> On 10 Jul 2019, at 14:21, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:

>> Hi skype users something is driving me nuts.  Every time I sign into

>> my skype and every time I sign out to sign into the radio station

>> skype treats me like a first time user.  Test your audio and test your

>> video come up sometimes that tips and tricks popup comes on and other

>> times verify your number comes up.  I can understand it if lets say

>> you move from skype 7 to 8 which are very different but every single

>> time test your audio test your video the tips and tricks every so

>> often and that verify your number.  It is very annoying especially

>> when I sign into the radio skype to prep for a show.  It there some

>> kind of a setting that will tell skype to stop this.  It’s not like

>> I’m a newbie Huh?


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