Skype 8 (Electron) scripts updated, not a beta

Doug Lee

I did not get as many testers as I hoped for, but all reports I did get were good...

So I am releasing what is now revision 121 of the Skype 8 (Electron) scripts. These are functionally identical to the revision 119 beta scripts I released recently.

Translators: I am updating my internal translation management system a bit this week while I have time to do so. This should not impact the process from your standpoint; but let me know if you get any surprises.

Feature changes between my last non-beta release (revision 113) and revision 121 appear at the website for the scripts; but in summary:
* Dates again speak as you navigate through chat history messages.
* The scripts try to adjust how they are loaded based on your JAWS version. If you are prompted once to restart JAWS on first using these new scripts, no worries; that is normal.

The location for Skype 8 scripts and documentation remains

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