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ken lawrence

Hi list use skype both on my own and our radio station.  Got an update automatically last week I think when I started skype to sign into our station. No issues on this end I do from time to time at the beginning of my shows demo that the phone number connected to the station’s skype works by dialing it myself on my cell and it does work I just let listeners hear the skype ringtone. I’m assuming that is the same version of skype we’re talking about here.  So it might be on that end. Will see what happens tonight at about 9:00 eastern before my next show.  But am pretty sure that update was maybe a week or so ago. 


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Yep. I had an update from my mac. No problems as of yet but I will keep an eye on it when I next start skype on windows. It's ben a few months.

Take care

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On 9 Jul 2019, at 12:10, Jerry Pryde wrote:

Hi all.

Just a quick heads up:

You'll all probably get a notification to update your version of skype to, and, of course, skype will automatically restart itself.

When I took the update, I couldn't make or receive calls.

A complete system restart solved the problem.

Just stay sharp.



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