Call for Skype 8 (Electron) JAWS script testing assistance

Doug Lee

I announced this on Twitter recently and forgot to announce it here...

I have prepared a set of JAWS scripts for Skype 8 (Electron) for which I need some testing done on other computers out there. The script update fixes the announcement of dates in Skype chats, which should work fine everywhere
in English and hopefully in other languages. There is another feature though that is why I am requesting testing help:

The beta scripts try to adapt their own loading method based on your JAWS version, so that the scripts work identically for all supported JAWS versions. This peculiar bit of coding is required because of changes between JAWS
versions in how scripts are loaded for Electron apps.

So, I need to know the following from whoever out there is willing to report back:

* Do the scripts work reliably under each of JAWS 17, 18, 2018, and 2019?

Of course, I figure each tester will test only one or two JAWS versions; I'm just hoping to get results for each version overall.

Note that you may, on first running these scripts, hear an alert message and may be asked to restart JAWS once. This is because JAWS sometimes fails to detect changes to a file that governs how scripts are loaded
(ConfigNames.ini, for those techies out there who care) until the next JAWS restart.

If you need to retreat to the main release, you can always run the official installer found from to reinstall the official script version.

The direct link to the beta scripts is

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