Re: Skype And Default Audio Device

Sarah k Alawami

I have never seen that issue before. Did you move yoru speaker you wanted to the top of the list then try again?

Take care

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On 26 Jun 2019, at 17:07, inamuddin khan wrote:

Dear friend, after updating to windows 1903, I have installed Skype Electron and tried to do the necessary settings.

The matter of fact is that I have two speakers one is my system’s built in speaker and the other is my external speaker.

I wanted Skype ring come  from my external speaker but no matter which device I check, the Skype ring comes from my built in system speaker until I disabled that device.

I just would like to ask you people that is there any way that both the devices are enabled and the ring come from my external speaker?

I sincerely hope that my question will be answered as soon as possible.

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