Re: SayWindowTitle not totally working, test required from English Skype users

Doug Lee

Things work here exactly as you describe, including the mood text anomaly. I found that one a few weeks ago; and to my surprise, it's actually a Skype bug - which I reported via the Skype Feedback system. The wrong mood text
actually remains in MSAA and is just being announced as it is found.

On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 09:07:24AM +0100, Stephen Troy wrote:
Hi barbuz

If I press jaws key plus t on the most recent active contact in my
list, it reads there name and mood meesage if there is one.

However, what may be considered a glitch is this. If I open another
chat in the list, and that person isn't currently showing as active,
jaws key plus t will read their name but the mood message of the most
recent contact.



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required from English Skype users

Hello guys,

I read on the Skype electron scripts user's guide that JAWSKey+t should
also report the currently active conversation if there is one, or home
if not. This part is not working for me, it only reports me Skype and
the number of unread conversations.

Since I am using Skype, JAWS and scripts into Italian, I'd like to know
if this depend on localization or what else. So I invite people who use
Skype in English to test this command and report here what they hear.




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