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Useful tips from Mr Lee’s website.


A fast way to start a new conversation:

  • Type Ctrl+Shift+s to focus the "Search Skype" box.
  • Type the name or partial name of your intended contact, then Tab several times to reach the search results.
  • Use Up and Down arrows to find your intended contact. If at first you do not find the contact, go through the results again as the list may be updated over time as more matches are found.
  • Press Enter to open a conversation and focus the input edit box. If focus does not land in the input box, use the scripted Command e sequence to move focus there.
  • To call the contact immediately once the conversation is displayed, type Ctrl+Shift+P for a voice call or Ctrl+Shift+K for a video call.


In regards question 2. There are several options.

You can locate joe in your contacts and tab to his profile and find his mobile number in there.

Having found joe in your list of chats press the applications key and arrow down to profile.

If you have called his mobile at any time, if you arrow down your list of chats, his number will appear there and you simply follow the above steps for making a video or audio call.


Below are two links; the first is  to doug’s  website and the second to Microsoft’s “what are hot keys and how do I use them in skype” page.








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Here are 2 questions relating to the latest version of Skype 8:


Question #1:

What are the quickest and specific steps to make a call to “Joe” from your contact list?


Question #2:


Let’s say you have 2 numbers for Joe in your contact list, home and mobile. You call the home number and find that Joe is not home so you want to call his mobile number. What is the quickest way to call his mobile from this point?






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