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It is possible that the most current scripts won't support the goto-history sequence as well in an old SFB version. That command has been particularly difficult to keep up to date because of changes in SFB itself over time.

For now, perhaps the easiest solution for you is to use the command for jumping to the input Edit box, then Shift+Tab a time or two to reach the message history list.

For "say last message," I assume you mean Alt+1. That command has, for a long time, simply announced the contents of an alert control provided by SFB itself. The purpose of that control has changed now and then though. I
believe it first reported the last message. Now it can report who is typing or when the conversation last saw activity, if I recall correctly. There is no longer a solid way to get the latest message except by scrolling to the
bottom of the message history to find it.

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 01:33:12PM +0000, Rub??n Dom??nguez Chaparro wrote:
Hi everybody.

I'am trying to use the SFB jaws script with skype for business 2016,
but when I am in a conversation window, the commands to go to history
and say the last message, returns "The instant area for this
conversation is hiden" and "not in a conversation" respectively.

When I use the command to go to Imput Message, good results are

After installation I made the recommended changes to improve the use.

Could somebody give me a solution or explanation?

Than's in advance for your atemtion.



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