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Sugar Lopez

Hi and good morning, tht makes a lot of sense. Smile

Since I am still lerning ow to operate the new skype, it seems that I can’t get it quite yet but I am trying. Smile

I open my desk top icon and skype is on

Then from here I don’t know how how to find my contacts, alt 2 does not work and so I go down to chat, press space bar and when I find the person I want to call I tab and tab until I hear either video cll or audio call and press enter

Then I hear the ringing.

But then after speaking to the person I can’t get the keys given to work to hang up

So my question is, and it my sound silly to some but again, I am still working on it, how do I know I’m on the skypw window?

Sorry but I just  need guidance but I am trying.

Smile thank you for the patience and kindness.


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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] when keys don't work


Hi all.


I find the control-shift-p, and control-e commands work, as long as I'm in the skype window.

For example, I can't answer a call unless I'm actually in the skype window.

In skype classic, I could just use the hot key command whenever a call came in.

Maybe that's the problem, Sugar.



On 2019-05-09 7:31 p.m., Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Odd, yeah I'm stumpped, but try and troubleshoot and check all drivers etc. It might not be a driver or video issue but you just never know with these odd thigns we call computers.

Take care

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On 9 May 2019, at 15:11, Sugar Lopez wrote:

Yes, exactly but that does not work for me.

I will do what Sarah suggested and do some research.

It’s appreciated

For now when some one calls me I just press the space bar. Then I ask that person to hang up since the keys given seems to not work for me.

No worries, it wil come to me soon

Thanks again



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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] when keys don't work


Dear my friend, to accept audio and video calls:

Ctrl+shift+p and ctrl+shift+k respectively.

To end the call either audio or video calls, ctrl+e.

For more informations,

Please google Skype Electron-inamuddin.


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From: Sugar Lopez
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2019 1:25 AM
To: Skype English List
Subject: [skypeenglish] when keys don't work


Hi all

Almost hesitant to ask but here it goes…

Yes, I googled my question first but found no answer

So last resource is here. Smile

I tried the

Following keys but they failed to work for me

Any suggestions or alternatives?

The command to answer a call is:



CTRL+Shift+E to end the call


Ctrl + Shift + K

Start a video call


They did not work, now someone once said control plus shift plus page up will answer a call


Have to try this still

Again I would appreciate help

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