Re: when keys don't work

Sarah k Alawami

Did you check to see the script revision?Also did you reinstall skype to see if that would resolve the problem? Also, were there reports on the skype forums? I doubt it but good to check there even though the experience is less than nice. I'm all out of ideas as I don't think I have that issue. Actually I remember now someone else I think had that issue in the list archives but I forgot how they solved it. If not this list maybe it was the nvda list. I'll have to check there, or maybe it was even the win 10 list. I did hear of this issue somewhere else though. Oh by the way I don't think this person got the issue fixed either.

Take care

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On 9 May 2019, at 13:25, Sugar Lopez wrote:

Hi all

Almost hesitant to ask but here it goes…

Yes, I googled my question first but found no answer

So last resource is here. Smile

I tried the

Following keys but they failed to work for me

Any suggestions or alternatives?

The command to answer a call is:



CTRL+Shift+E to end the call


Ctrl + Shift + K

Start a video call


They did not work, now someone once said control plus shift plus page up will answer a call


Have to try this still

Again I would appreciate help

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