Skype info kept

Jerry Pryde

Hi all.

I actually remember some of you sent out links, and other information concerning skype, at least over that last year or so.

I, for one, kept the ones I thought I really needed, and So far, I'm managing to figure out the new skype version, especially after downloading the scripts.

I'm still trying to figure out the chat features, but, I'm getting there.

Mr. Kahn's tutorial, and the manual with Doug's scripts proved really helpful, along with the other stuff I managed to keep.

A little thought and initiative can go a long way.

I many not get there as quickly as some.  But, I'll get there.

The new skype's not the disaster some of us thought.

A little inconvenient, perhaps; but, the key word here is Little.

I've gotten a lot of help after signing onto this list, and it's appreciated.

Thanks billions, Sarah and all.


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