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I disagree. I believe that one should learn how to google before coming to forums and lists for help. Even look in the message archives which are here for a purpose. I even remember linking to them at one time. So be responsible and google and read any manuals if at all possible. We are a group of users but we are not the end all be all. We as he blind and sighted need to learn how to google and do research first before coming to someone for help. I'm shocked at how many of us cannot and often will not do this. If this person would have taken the time to google (I don't care if they were out) they would have found the answer way faster than asking us. If you email support of any product they do encourage you look for help before and while you waite for an answer. That is a nice way of saying essentially, RTFM. They took the time to write the manuals, Now let's take the time to learn from them.

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I only think that you (all) are making a tempest in a teapot.
Come on, folks. It's not always that we'll be treated as we would like or even as we treat other people. The show must goes on though.
Once I was a victim of this "google before asking" stuff and just read all of it. My life hasn't changed in any way because of it and in the end I even laughed because of this very same paradox pointed out here that folks could have used their time for answering my question instead ofcriticizing me.
Again, the show must goes on.
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