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Shaun Oliver

so then, what prevented those of you that are now pissing and moaning about the issue from answering the question?

Absolutely friggen nothing! that's what.

Instead of lambasting Sarah for her stance, which, quite frankly I agree with, by all means, next time, answer someone's question and not all cry fowl or unfair when the list moderator makes an excellent point!

We all have lives outside of the various lists and fora we are on, and I've seen most, if not all fo you on other such as well. and on some of those other lists, you are indeed encouraged to either RTFM, or google it before asking the list.

In short, get off your high horses the lot of you, and give Sarah a break.

On 6/05/2019 03:12, SUNRISE DREAMER wrote:

I agree, a simple question deserves to be simply answered


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it seems to me that, in the time it has taken all of you all to criticize this lady, you could have just answered her question. I think you’re being a bit harsh.



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Agreed. I'm tempted to put in the footer to please google first before asking us as often google will beat us to an answer. If you cannot keep up with technology we will not help you catch up, you will get left behind.so google first thenafter exhausting all methods then come to us.

Take care

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Respected friend, what is easier?

writing an email every time whenever you forget something or download a tutorial of Skype electron and get it whatever you forget from there?

Ctrl+shiftp and ctrl+shift+k for audio and video calls respectively!

Ctrl+e will hang up the call!

Always try to be independent!

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arguing with a woman is just like reading software’s lisence agreement.

At the end you ignore Her everything  and click I agree button.

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Hi friends

Today I got a skype call and I forgot how to answer and hang up the call

Using windows 10, jaws 17 and skype 8.4





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