Thank you and leaving for now: [skypeenglish] Please remind me

Sugar Lopez

Thank you.


That was a gentle way to put it.

I know to some I may not be the “smartest” tool here, smile

As it was put to me on another post

But I joined to learn more and I am only human I will make mystkaes, I will forget, I will be askng but I am sad to now know that the unfairness of this situation is not right.

So I will do everyone the favor and leave for now

Maybe someone will be kind enough to allow me to return later when I get some education?


Forgive me all again

And my best to you.

If I return from my transplant, I will hope to return, if not well God bless you all nd  thanks for letting join for a little while and to those who have so kind to help me alont the way.


With no words and a heart full of sadness…



because I forget one thing, does not mean I am not able or independent. Really?

"A day without a friend is like a pot without a drop of honey."

-Winnie the Pooh

Please support me in my journey to another opportunity of life at:

Hugs, Sugar

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