Re: Cortana

Mike DeZinno

Good evening all,
I moved into Windows 10 about 6 months ago and that's when I first experienced Cortana.
I found it to be extremely  annoying the way it kept popping up during everything I tried to do, and how it kept pulling Jaws focus away from what I was working on.
The reason I mention this is because if it's now going to become a component of Skype I don't see this as good news.
It's very pernicious as it seems to go into and take over all functions of Windows 10 almost like it was a virus.
If more people in this community find that it's going to be a problem with us using Skype  maybe we can open a discussion on how to disable it.
On the other hand if we find in time that it helps us use Skype better then that information would also be of value to share.

Thanks to all of you who work so hard to figure out these kind of issues.

Mike from SC

At 03:13 PM 5/4/2019, you wrote:
Hi all.

Does anyone know what Cortana is?

It appears on my version of skype, and in the search list at the start menu.

There's an option that says "talk to cortana."

I'm thinkin it's  similar to Alexa.

I'm a new windows 10 user. lol


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