Re: somehow the uninstaller broke the scripts....

John Holcomb II

Deleting  the *jmk file has appeared to fixed it.
Thanks Doug 


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Sounds like somehow you have a skype.jkm remaining in your JAWS user folder. To find it, go to Start, All Programs or whatever your Windows version calls it, your JAWS version, Explore JAWS, Explore My Settings. There may be a
quicker way to get there, but make sure it's "Explore My Settings" for your active JAWS version. If you find skype.jkm there, rename, back up, or delete it and try your Alt+1 in Skype again.

On Fri, May 03, 2019 at 10:49:03PM -0400, John Holcomb II wrote:
Hi all,

I uninstalled dougs old Skype 7 scritps and am trying FS scripts, but
the uninstaller did something funky.

Now when I hit alt+1 it says

unknown script call to:

when I hit ctrl 1 it says:

unknown script call to:

I've already unloaded and reloaded jaws.

Jaws 2019, Windows 7

Skype latest version

Skype Version 8.44

That's what ctrl+JawsKey+V told me.


JawsKeyPlusQ says

Skype Version 8 settings are used in the Skype.exe application.

The configuration name is Skype.

The current Speech and Sounds Scheme is Classic.

If I do an JawsKey plus space, then hit z, and run JAWS as default,
skype works as native FS made it

Doug help me . please?


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