somehow the uninstaller broke the scripts....

John Holcomb II

Hi all,

I uninstalled dougs old Skype 7 scritps and am trying FS scripts, but the uninstaller did something funky.

Now when I hit alt+1 it says

unknown script call to:

when I hit ctrl 1 it says:

unknown script call to:

I’ve already unloaded and reloaded jaws.

Jaws 2019, Windows 7

Skype latest version

Skype Version 8.44

That’s what ctrl+JawsKey+V told me.


JawsKeyPlusQ says

Skype Version 8 settings are used in the Skype.exe application.

The configuration name is Skype.

The current Speech and Sounds Scheme is Classic.


If I do an JawsKey  plus space, then hit z, and run JAWS as default, skype works as native FS made it

Doug help me . please?

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