Re: Turn off typing sound in skype 8.xx

Doug Lee

The first tree item should be Skype 8 Settings, under which the first item should be Typing Sounder. If not, check that your Danish and/or English script file set includes skypeelectron.qs and skypeelectron.qsm files. Those
files create those Quick Settings entries. Also make sure that if you type Insert+Q from within Skype 8, the response starts with the word "Revision." If not, the scripts are not running. Of course, the word order may differ in
Danish I suppose.

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 05:44:04PM +0200, Jacob wrote:
JAWS 18, latest Skype 8 and scripts.
As I understand it should be possible to turn it off via Quick Settings menu
Insert+V. I can't find it there. Only thing I can keep in mind is that it
could be a problem with danish language and the scripts. Therefore I try to
switch Skype to english but it doesn't help. I also try to look for the
sound used for typing sounds to delte it but I can't find out where it's

OZ0TE Jacob

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