Re: Feature request for skype Electron!

Doug Lee

The current version of that is that you can type the Command key, the left bracket ([) by default, and then Tab through available commands to find out what is available.

On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 09:49:06PM +0500, Hamza Ahmad wrote:
Hello there, I'm using skype electron with scripts that sir Dug has
created. I want to request a little feature to help users remembermost
importent commands of skype. Although link to go to skype native
commands page is provided on the help page, I feel it would be a nice
approach to provide all those commands in a virtual viewer as FS does
using insert w or jaws key w. It can save a lot of time and we can
easily look for commands that we need. It is time taking to open a
webpage online and filter the desired result. I hope my feature
request will be payed attenssion to. Regards

Doug Lee
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