Re: sending messages without them being edited

Doug Lee

Editing happens when you hit UpArrow in the input box. That shortcut was also active by default in Skype 7 but was disabled if you turned on what Skype 7 called "Accessibility mode." I have always liked the shortcut, though I
have also had the occasional accident with it.

If you suspect you are editing instead of composing a new message, Tab once from the edit box. If you are editing, you should immediately encounter a "Cancel Edit" button.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 01:52:12PM -0500, John Holcomb II wrote:
Wow. So thie skype and doug your scripts work great, but what is this
about sending edited messages and how can I stop it?

I'm sure I don't w want to edit messages I've already sent.

Other than that no problem so far though its just text chat so far on
Skype 8 Electron Jaws 2019


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