Re: 2 quick 8.3 questions


Thank you Sara

I have installed them both; my Jaws was not reading it correctly so I did not catch everything it was saying, so I was paying attention but well screen readers…


I do thank you so much.





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If you take the time to read the dialogue notice it does not say uninstall jaws, but uninstall the currently install set of scripts. I'm not chastising but I used to do the same thing and my computer teacher drilled it in my head over 9 months, actually over a week, to read the dialogues very carefully and assess what they actually say verses what you think they say.

On 19 Feb 2019, at 0:35, Michele Barbi wrote:

Sugar asked:
"So when it says uninstall while trying to install the new skrypts, I should just go ahead and do so?"
Hello Sugar and list.
Yes, the installer is just detecting that a previous scripts release has been installed, so go ahead and uninstall the current revision. Once you do that, it should authomatically let you install the new scripts.

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