Re: adding and renaming a new number to contacts in 8.3

Doug Lee

That's not so much as a script question as a question about how Skype 8 works, as it turns out.

I see two ways to find the contact, of which the second is faster for anyone with a lot of contacts.

Method 1: The Contacts list:

Alt+2 for contacts. This lands you on a button.

DownArrow into your contact list, find the contact you want to modify. There may be a faster way to find the contact,

Method 2, Search:

Ctrl+Shift+S for Search screen.

Type the contact name or partial name, then Tab a time or three to the results list. Use arrows to find the contact in this usually short list as necessary.

Either way you found the contact, now press the Applications key and choose Edit Contact. This provides a name field and an Add Number button.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 06:29:34PM -0500, Steve Gladstone wrote:
Does anyone know how to add a new number to your contacts and then
rename it using the latest 8.3 scripts?




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