Re: how do you get to check what skype version you are running?

Mich Verrier

Hi Dug. I managed to get to the about section wile running skype and hitting
alt h I am running skype 8.39.80 I am also running jaws 2018 and I also have
jaws 18 on my pc running windows 10. I found that when hitting incert key
plus b it doesn't read out the skype version it reads out skype preview
document.html my info like skype preview document.html my info, mich
verrier, and things like that. How ever the way Sarah said to get to the
about skype section does work. I also found that I don't have any typing
sounds when some one elts is typing. I have sounds turned on in skype but
still even though I am running the scripts I still am not hearing the typing
sound. From Mich.

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In Skype 8.39 for Windows Desktop, these are my related findings:

Alt+H works, but you then have to arrow down to About and press Enter.
Typing "a" does something else.

At least with my scripts running, Insert+B reads the About box nicely. There
are a number of page buttons before the Skype version number though.

The JAWS Touch cursor can also move nicely enough through the information on
this page, with or without my scripts. However, it seems helpful to Left
arrow once before using the Right arrow to read through the information one
element at a time. Arrowing to the right immediately without moving left
first seems to miss things.

If you are running my scripts, Ctrl+JAWSKey+V will also give you the Skype
version number immediately.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 09:47:58AM -0800, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Try pressing alt h, then arrow down to about. The menus appear visually
on the screen and for some reason our screen readers don't read it.

On 18 Feb 2019, at 9:30, Mich Verrier wrote:

Hi all I am running windows 10 and jaws 2018. I am trying to find out
what skype version I am running. I have been tabbing around and can't
seem to find that info. Pressingthe menu bar key doesn't do any good
eather. Many thanks. From Mich.



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